Laptop vs Desktop: Which is Best for Buy??
Laptop Vs Desktop: Best to Buy

Laptop vs Desktop: Which is Best for Buy??

In the past, no one had the option to choose for a laptop so an ultimate priority would be a desktop computer. However, things have changed these days and you can choose any of the two.

Even if the competency for laptop and desktop computers both is huge, It’s always a huge task to choose between laptop and computer. While you choose between a desktop and a laptop, you need to be very conscious.

Before you choose between any of the two, you should make a wise decision. Although the laptop is in high demand for personal use, people still try to use desktop computers for their official use.

This is entitled to certain reasons. So, you need to think about different aspects while you choose between a laptop and a desktop computer.

Here are the few comparisons on laptop vs desktop that can make you clear on what you actually need to fulfill your need.


When it comes to portability, the laptop always makes it a better choice than a computer. You could take your laptop anywhere you want.

If you have to switch between places to work and to study, there is no need for you to worry. Your laptop could go to places with you and make you be able to you.

With the laptops getting thinner day by day, you now don’t need to worry about managing your workload or your study pressure.

Although some laptops could be thick, laptops come in different sizes to help you carry it anywhere you do. If it would be desktop that you needed to take everywhere it would not be possible.

So, when you need to choose between a laptop and a desktop make sure that you confirm if the portability affects your decision. Be wise enough to choose the right one for you.

Pack your backpack with your laptop and go in any corner of the world and still be able to complete your task. This benefit makes a laptop better than a desktop.


When it comes to customization, you should choose a pc over a laptop. As one of the biggest advantages of desktop, the desktop makes you easy for customization.

The extent of customization ability that a desktop offers can amaze you. All you need to do is understand the basic hardware and get whatever you want.

It is honestly great to customize everything you want according to your needs. As you take up the components according to your demand and preferences, you could perform tasks according to your wish.

All you need to customize your desktop is a screwdriver and the device that you want to add or remove.

However, a laptop does not help you with a similar choice. As the components of the laptop are fitted inside it, it is not possible for you to modify it according to your wish.

In case you want to add or remove any component, you need to think a lot. Also, it is not advisable for a layman to manipulate the working systems of the laptop and work on its hardware.

If you tend to work on the customization of your laptop, you will definitely regret your decision. Hence, you need to choose a desktop computer over a laptop if you want something that is customizable.


The performance of the laptop and desktop could be different. As you work with the desktop computer and the laptop, you will notice the difference in their operation.

All computer gives off heat but the dissipation of heat is difficult in the laptops. Hence, the performance and productivity of the laptop could be slower than the computer.

However, the dissipation of heat is easier in PCs and it makes it easier for them to have a high performance. Also, the desktop can be upgraded with more RAM unlike laptops, so choosing a desktop over a laptop based on performance would always be a better choice.


Talking about the durability, a desktop could be more durable than a laptop. This is because you can replace a part if any part of the desktop stops to respond.

In the case of a laptop, you might not be able to do so and the failure of a part might affect the overall durability. However, the laptops are configured with SSDs which make it more durable than a computer.


When it comes to the setup, you will certainly choose a laptop because of the ease of set up. When you buy a desktop computer, setting up things and putting everything in the right place can be a headache.

You need to connect everything from the monitor to the CPU or the mouse. However, it is not the same when you choose a laptop.

A laptop comes with a predefined setup option which makes it easier for you to get started. If you do not want a mess with your new computer and want to start everything easy, you should probably choose a laptop over a desktop.

Speed and Power Usage

A laptop and a desktop computer could be different when it comes to speed. If you wanted a fast computer, you needed to buy a PC in the old days.

However, the scenario is not the same in modern days. A laptop could be as fast as the desktop computer in recent days. All you need to do is choose the right laptop for you.

The best thing you could do is choose a gaming laptop if you are looking for a device to offer you great speed. And in case you have a fixed workstation, you can choose a desktop computer as well.

It all depends on the type of desktop or the laptop you choose if you want to come up with a speedy machine. When It comes to power usage, laptops require less power in comparison to desktop computers.

As the laptops tend to have smaller components, the power used by the laptop is lesser in comparison to the desktop computers. Also, laptops don’t need to be connected to the power supply every time like a desktop computer.

You can unplug your device and still use it. But, when you use a desktop computer there is no way that you use it without plugging it to the power source.

So, if you want to use your computer even when there is a shortage of power, you should go for a laptop. A desktop computer would never be the right choice in such a case.


As you choose a great working computer for you, you should surely look at the specifications. You should make sure that you have a good working CPU, RAM, graphics card, and a hard drive.

When you compare between a laptop and a desktop computer, you basically see that the graphics card, RAM, and CPU of the desktop computers are better than the ones on the laptop.

Hence, the specifications that the laptop offers are lower than what a desktop computer can offer. So, you need to choose a desktop computer for a laptop if you want great specifications.

Screen Size and Resolution

In case you are wanting for a better resolution and a good screen size, you should basically opt for a desktop. The desktop comes with a 19-inch screen or lager.

A desktop could be as large as a TV which can provide more flexibility. This can help you better when you are striving to create a better environment. Also, the resolution that a desktop offers could be better than a laptop and you can see everything clearly.

However, you will see changes in laptops as the screen size becomes smaller due to the portable nature of the laptops. The screen of the laptop range from 10 inches to 17 inches. Hence, the resolution gets affected too.

Therefore, if you are wishing for great screen time, you should possibly opt for a pc or a laptop depending upon your wish.

Final Thoughts: What to buy? A laptop or a desktop?

You don’t need to worry any longer about choosing between a laptop and a desktop. If you have read the above article, you can easily decide what you need. Be wise enough to choose your computer according to your needs.

If you want something that is portable and needs to run even when you have a power cut, the laptop could be the best option for you. But, if you want something to be fixed in your workstation, you should go with the desktop computer.

Compare other possible advantages along with the drawbacks of each and choose any among the two. Make sure that your decision won’t make you regret at the end.

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