How to Use Laptop in Bed?
How to Use Laptop in Bed

How to Use Laptop in Bed?

Most of the people who work with electronics feel it easier to work with it on their bed. Although using electronics like a laptop on their bed might be comfortable, it is not good to do so.

You should maintain a proper position if you want to use the laptop in your bed. At the initial stages of using a laptop in your bed, it might help you.

However, as you go with it, it disturbs you both physically and mentally. Using a laptop in the bed not only creates problems with the physical aspect of your body but also troubles your sleep schedule too.

Therefore, you should always use a laptop in a comfortable chair, and a desk maintains proper ergonomics. Using a laptop with a chair and a desk setup makes you comfortable and helps you work comfortably.

Given below are some of the useful methods that you can try while you use your laptop in the bed. If you are addicted to using a laptop in your bed, make sure you follow the procedures given below to save yourself from all the potential long term hazards that you might face.

Follow these simple steps and protect you and your laptop. Also, following the steps can help you increase the productivity of your work as you will have a great time working with your device.

Let’s get started.

  1. Do lie with your knees and head raised

One of the best ways to use a laptop in your bed is to lie with the head raised and on your knees. Doing this makes sure that you have good ergonomics and maintains the angle that you should be maintaining while you use your electronic device on the bed.

It also prevents your body from pressurizing certain areas of the body. You will have a great time using your laptop in the bed as you try this position.

  1. Do not lie down with your head up.

Some people are used to using the laptop with their heads up in the bed. Although this position feels a little relaxing and easy at the beginning, it might be fatal for your health at the later stage.

Also, some people put a pillow to support their back as they use a laptop with their heads up. This might cause stress on your neck as you use the laptop.

It can cause long term muscle and nerve damage. Your head might also be crooked. Therefore, it is recommended not to use a laptop in your bed with your head up.

  1. Do not sit with cross legs and your laptop in front of you

Most of us think it is easy to use a laptop in the bad with cross legs and placing the laptop in front of you. Placing the laptop in front of you can be harmful to both the laptop and the user too.

Your neck needs to bend down for the use of a laptop, and you need to bend your back a little too. This adds stress to your lower back, and you might have problems related to back later.

Also, the laptop can get heated and can crash too as you place it on the bed directly.

  1. Do not sit up with the laptop in your lap.

Putting the laptop in the lap is what most of us do while we use laptops. Sometimes putting a laptop in the lap can be really easy.

However, using a laptop placing it above your laptop is not recommended at all unless you manage a proper position. It can be uncomfortable for the wrists, neck, and back while you use a laptop in the bed.

Also, it can lead to back and neck problems later. If the laptop you use is too heavy, it might affect your legs too. So, plan the position of your laptop according to the size of it. Avoid using a laptop for a long time, placing it in your lap.

  1. Get a laptop desk

A laptop desk for bed is a must-have for people who work on the laptop for a prolonged period of time. For people who do not like keeping the laptop on the thighs, they are recommended to buy a laptop desk.

You can buy a portable laptop desk so that you can carry it anywhere you go in your house or outside. This makes it easier for you to use a laptop anywhere in your house, including the bed.

Also, make sure that you maintain your sitting position along with the desk too. Good posture while using your laptop affects your overall health.

  1. Do not place your laptop on the blanket or pillow.

When electronic devices are used for a long period of time, it might get very hot. So, you need to make sure that your laptop is not kept above the pillow or blanket.

As you keep your laptop above the blankets, pillows, or the sheets, it might cause your laptop to heat as they are not good insulators.

You should always make sure that you keep your laptop cool and protect it from heating to ensure the good health of your laptop.

If the laptop gets overheated, it might result in crashing. Also, protect yourself from the heat of the laptop.

  1. Do not sleep with your laptop.

As you have your laptop by your side every time, it can disturb your sleeping pattern. Good sleep is essential for people who work with laptop screens.

You should never make a habit of sleeping with your laptop or looking at the screen. The light that the laptop emits can affect your eyes even when your eyes are shut.

Hence, turn off your laptop before you go to bed. This improves your quality of sleep and also makes your day productive the next day as you gain sound sleep.

It is recommended that you close your laptop or any other electronic devices an hour before you go to sleep.

  1. Make sure you use proper lighting.

Proper lighting is very important while you use your laptop. The effects of harmful lights emitted by the laptop screen might cause impacts to your eyes.

So, when you stare at the laptop screen for too long, it might affect your eyes. Do make sure that the brightness of your laptop is mild or low unless necessary.

Also, try to put on soft lights in your room during the night time. Using too much bright light is harmful to your eyes and might cause long term vision damage. Hence, make sure that you use proper lighting when you use a laptop.

  1. Get up frequently and stretch your body.

While you use your laptop in bed, it is essential for you to get up frequently. As you might stay in the bed for a prolonged period of time, your body might not receive the proper exercise it demands.

Also, it leads to a sedentary lifestyle and can be bad for your overall health as well. Also, it might result in long-term vision damage.

Getting up frequently and exercising can lead to proper blood flow, which might provide you more energy and help you to think clearly. As you get up, your eyes get some rest from the screen too.

Demerits of using a laptop in bed 

  • Using a laptop in the bed can cause neck and back problem
  • As you use the laptop in your bed, your sleeping pattern gets affected
  • It might also result in pregnancy issues in women which makes it difficult for them to conceive because of the EMF radiation
  • Using too much of laptop can cause skin burn and itching while it is in direct contact with the skin
  • It affects your ergonomics
  • At times, extreme use of a laptop (not in bed specifically) can cause cancer too.


Using the laptop in bed can be really essential for you. If you are a person who needs to work full time or part-time on a laptop, it is essential for you to maintain correct positions.

As you might have a huge workload, using a laptop in the bed can be necessary sometimes. However, it is recommended that you make a proper setup before you use the laptop in your bed or use it on a chair and a desk as much as possible.

The varying position of using a laptop can affect your health directly. Your posture should be perfect in order to use it comfortably for a long time.

Hence, you need to make sure that you prevent the long term damage and use the laptop in a correct way.

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