How to Use a Tablet as a Second Monitor?

As the world has become a different place with the new work from home technology, there are a lot of things that people have changed.

One of these things if the use of second monitors in the office and home. These days, using a tablet and phone as a second monitor has become very popular.

Because working from home has become the trend of the recent days and it has become more popular than ever, it is important for the users to view the screen in a widescreen device.

Although you can work with no doubt on your devices, it might sometimes be beneficial for you to work through your tablet and monitor with the same benefits as a second monitor with the same display.

The advancement in technology has allowed the users to convert the tablets and smartphones into a second monitor with the same benefits as a true second display.

With this, the users can split the windows into two screens. Also, they can avoid playing peekaboo while the applications are open.

Two screens are in high demand in video conferencing as well.

Out of many ways that the users can use a tablet as a second monitor, using applications is the best measure. Here are some of the major applications used by the users to use their tablet as a second monitor. Have a look at the few.


 One of the most popular platforms that you can choose to display your tablet as the second monitor is Spacedesk. All you need to do is connected your PC to your Android through a Wi-Fi, LAN, or USB.

Then, your setup is ready to use the tablet as a second monitor. Before you start, you need to install the necessary drivers on your Windows PC. This application is available in Windows 7 and above.

Google Remote Desktop

Another popular application for using your tablet as a second monitor is the Google Remote Desktop. This application works with the windows and allows the users to control their PC with an android device.

With the commands that they use, it allows them to turn your android phone into a PC. This application allows the users to do everything that they can do from a PC in their android phone.

It has a simple setup and is easy to use. It works well with Gmail accounts and has an ability to control the PC remotely.

Air Display 

The popular application, Air Display, has been one of the best applications that help the users to use the tablet as a second monitor.

It can work with the Wi-Fi connection and create a connection between your tablet and your computer. So, the application might be affected by certain external factors like; interference and Wi-Fi coverage.

Even if the application has certain disturbing factors, it is still used to use the tablet as a secondary input device. This application is mostly used by designers and digital media professionals.

They turn the tablet into a graphics tablet and use it for their work. Like other applications, it requires the users to install the application on the host.

Air Display 2 

It’s always good to use your tablet as a second monitor while you are working for a continuous period of time. The Air Display 2 works the same for Mac as the Speckdesk works for Windows.

However, Air Display costs a little expensive. Although expensive, it is one of the most used devices when it comes to turning the android device into a secondary screen for the Macbooks.

With this, the users can extend mirroring the screen to about 4 secondary devices. This application supports Msc Os C 10.8 or Lion.

With this device, you can also use your PC as a secondary screen for your Mscbookj too. However, you cannot use this application for using your phone device or the Mac as a secondary option for Windows.

It also offers a responsive experience as it uses a compression algorithm. This application supports retina display and also has an Air Stylus, which can help the users to draw designs on their secondary device.

It is a premium software, and the price of the model increases with the advancement in the feature. You will need to install Air Display host on your device to have a better performance.

Duet Display 

One of the perfect ioS apps that you can use to use your tablet as a second monitor is the Duet Display application. This application helps you to mirror and extend the display of your iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

The ios version of this application is more powerful, and most of the apple users prefer to use this application. With the bunch of features that this application offers, the users will have the backward compatibility too.

Although there is no 100% success rate with the devices, the chances that the Duet works with your device is pretty good.

Splashtop Wired XDisplay 

Another best application that can help you in using your tablet as a second monitor is the Splashtop Wired XDisplay. It is a multi-platform solution that has gained very good feedback in recent years.

All you need to do is download the drivers into your computer and then download the application on your tablet or phone.

Then, the software will work like the rest of the devices. This application supports kindle too. The ability of the application to support 1080p at 60fps as made it one of the best selling applications in case of screen mirroring.

However, the options are limited as there is no option for Wi-Fi, and the application requires a USB connection. This is not a big problem, and you enjoy your second monitor with the wire as well.


iDisplay is a popular application that is well known for its use in turning the tablet or phone into a secondary display. It is one of the best applications that can help the help in the secondary display from the Android, ioS, PC, or Mac.

As the setup is easy, it is one of the best software available in the market as it comes with an easy setup and has a bunch of helpful features that help to use a secondary screen.

In the past, the application was facing some issues because of the complex operating system. In recent days, it has gained popularity and has appeared as a gem again.

As the users download this application, you can drive anywhere to your Mac or PC and then connect the smartphone using the USB cable or Wi-Fi as per your choice. You will have a fascinating gaming experience with this.


TwomonUSB is another popular application which helps the users to use their tablet as a second monitor. It is the perfect choice for users willing to convert their tablet into a monitor with a USB.

To set up the TwomonUSB, the users need to install the desktop version of the application on the PC. As the application supports all windows based operating system, it is easy to sue.


In recent days, working with a second monitor has become a trend. It is mostly used by people who want a productive and organized work.

The uses can also might it easier to multitask as they add another monitor to their system. Dual computers are a great solution when it comes to staying connected with your work while you are working on a big project.

In case the users do not want to spend their money on a permanent second monitor solution, they can try downloading applications like; iDisplay, Air Display, and Duet Display in order to enjoy the experience of large monitors.

Setting up a device and using these applications can be cost-efficient, portable, and can have various other functionalities as well.

There are a lot of ways that can help you optimize your connection. No matter whether you prefer a USB or a wireless connection, you can set up your second monitor as per your wish.

Setting up monitor setup Is easy and customizable. The success rate of the monitors can vary according to the applications you use. Also, mileage might vary. The operating system the users use and their device play a huge role on the success rate.

Good luck with using your tablet as a second monitor. Do comment in the comment section below about which application worked the best for you.



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