How to Turn Dark Mode on Your Computer?

How to Turn Dark Mode on Your Computer?

With the increase in the use of technology and the advancement of technology, it is almost impossible to escape technology. Technology is required every time. For professionals who work in their laptop 24/7, the eye problem might be a great risk.


Because of the number of reasons, it is not good to work in the light reflected by the laptop or any other screens for a long period of time. As we use laptops in the nighttime, it can cause eye strain. This might not be an issue for people who do not need to work daily.


But, for people who need to work on a daily basis, it is a serious problem. Hence, windows has come with the options to enable dark mode on laptops and computers. The users can choose the theme they want according to their wish, and the theme can range from light to dark.


Before choosing the dark modes in the computer, the users need to be aware of different fact. They need to know that they might enable dark mode in one of the applications of the computer, and the theme might not be applicable in all.


So, proper planning is required, and the users need to be sure what they need to do before they choose the dark mode as the process is different for different applications.


As Windows is popular in most of the computer devices, it is essential to learn how dark mode works in Windows. Some of the ways in which the users can choose the dark mode for their computer are given below.


Enable dark mode for the Windows 10 settings and Windows 10 Apps


One of the significant ways to use the dark mode in your computer is by enabling dark mode for your Windows 10 settings and applications. Here is how you can proceed to enable dark mode for the settings and apps for your computer.


In order to enable the dark mode in your windows 10 settings and apps, you need to follow the following steps. Go to the enable Dark mode.


After that, go to settings > Personalization > Colors. Scroll down and go to the Choose your app mode section. In that section, you can view the Dark option. Choose the Dark option.


As you follow the above steps, you will see that the applications of your computer will immediately start turning dark. The application that you get from the Windows Platform also works on the dark mode as you do this. However, the dark mode also depends on whether your application supports the dark mode for not.


This does not affect most of the desktop applications. The desktop applications that do not get affected by the dark mode are Paint.NET and File Explorer.


Install Dark Themes for Chrome, Firefox and Other Applications


As enabling dark mode on your computer depends on the applications you are using, you need to make sure that you apply dark modes to the selected applications.


You can change the dark mode for the chrome, firefox and other applications. This will help you to work under certain lighting conditions that do not affect your eyes.


Because the applications in windows have different options and engines that they work on, it is important for the users to switch the mode according to the application type.


In order to get a dark mode in Google Chrome, the users need to go to the Google Chrome’s theme site. The users can view the various theme in the site along with the dark theme.


Hence, they can choose the theme as per their wish. Talking about the firefox application, it already as an in-built dark theme that you can enable from your application directly.


When it comes to enabling dark themes for other websites and web applications, all you do is to choose a dark theme. Websites like; YouTube and Gmail can be turned dark as you install a browser extension that helps the users to turn the whole web into the dark form. The users need to make sure that the applications offer their own themes. Hence, checking from time to time is essential.


Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge 


For the users who use Windows, it is essential for them to use the dark mode in Microsoft Edge too. Microsoft Edge is a web browser that comes with the Windows 10 and has an in-built dark theme. However, the dark theme option in this theme is completely different from what the users find in the settings.


In order to activate dark mode in Microsoft Edge, the users need to go to the activate the dark theme in the edge. Then, they need to click the menu button on the toolbar.


After that, the users need to select the Settings option and then choose, ‘Choose A Theme’ drop-down menu. Then, the users should go with the dark option in order to enable the dark theme.


As the users do this, the title bar, menus, toolbars in the Microsoft Edge turns dark. However, the overall web pages do not get affected and stay in the original form.


For that, the users will need to download a browser extension like Turn Off the Lights in order to make the whole web dark.


Enable a Dark Theme for Windows Desktop Applications


Another way to work in a dark mode environment is by turning the theme dark for Windows applications. As the dark mode in the settings does not change its form while you change it from the settings, the users need to make sure that they use the dark mode.


Windows offers a selection of dark themes for the in-built applications. In order to enable the dark theme for windows desktop applications, the users need to first go to the Settings. In settings, users can find the ease of access. As you choose ease of access, you can choose the High Contrast.


On the right side, the users need to turn on the high contrast option. After this, they need to choose the correct theme option. The most used theme for the dark mode is High Contrast black. As you complete this process, you can select the apply button to save the setting.


This whole process is explained by the instruction “ Settings > Ease of Access > High Contrast > Turn on High Contrast > Choose a Theme > High Contrast Black > Apply.


Now, the users can see all the desktop applications with a black background. The drawback of the theme is that the theme does not look as slick as the modern theme as it is designed to show a black background by increasing the contrast. The users can see the screen clearly, and the screen is easy to read and understand, but it does not look so great.


Third-Party App


 The in-built system that provides the users with the dark mode in the windows can help the users to switch to the dark mode. However, the theme is not so great, and it is better to install a third-party app while they are trying to use the better version of the theme.


The users can download WindowBlinds applications from the Stardock. This application costs $9.99 and offers a free trial for 30 days. Users can try the free trial at the beginning and choose the appropriate theme for them. As the users install and use the theme, the theme automatically turns everything that you use on your desktop to the dark mode.


It desktop apps, dialog boxes, and UWP apps are all available in black. After the installation process of the theme, the users need to go to the Style tab. After that, they need to select any theme option they want. Then, clicking on the Apply Style to Desktop button can turn your desktop into the dark mode.


However, this application does not have an in-built dark theme as well. But, you can find some themes with dark features. Also, you can create your own theme by clicking on the Modify Style link under the theme.


The users can adjust other features as well by heading to the WindowBlinds section of the WinCustomize site. In the site, they can find all kinds of WinbowBlinds-compatible themes that they can download. As the users download the theme, all they need to do is double click on the file and then add it to the Style tab in WindowBlinds to customize and apply the theme.




The following are the major ways in which one can turn dark mode in their computer. Do comment in the comment section below if you have any queries on it.

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