How to Save Battery on an Android Phone?
How to Save Battery on Android Phone

How to Save Battery on an Android Phone?

Battery life was never a big problem for phone uses in the past. The users could use their phones without charging them for weeks. However, things are not the same now.

In modern days, things have changed, and the problem of battery life is one of the major problems that people with smartphones face.

There might be several factors that affect the battery life of your phone. You need to be aware of it and question yourself with a few questions first.

Have you faced the problem of battery drainage on your phone? Did you ever try to investigate it? Sometimes your phone might get drained even when you are not using it.

This is due to certain reasons that you are completely unaware of. As the processors of the phones have become more powerful because of the growing needs, the problem of battery drainage has become common. Also, the increasing size of the screen has resulted in such problems.

Keeping the fact that battery drainage has become a major problem, we have come up with major tricks that will help you to make the battery life last on your phone.

The tips are solely dedicated to android phones and won’t work on the iPhone. So, it is better if you consult on how to save the battery for iPhones if you are looking to save battery for your iPhone.

Here are some of the major things that you should keep in mind in order to save your battery life and protect it from drainage.

  1. Use the power-saving mode

The best thing that you can do to save battery on your phone is to switch to power saving or the battery saving mode. In your android phone, you can get the feature from settings.

Go to the settings>Device maintenance and then tap the battery icon at the button left corner and turn on the power-saving mode.

As you do this, it can reduce the brightness of your screen and limits the phone’s processor as well. As you turn on the power saving mode, the critical components of the device which requires minimum power to keep running while the other gets turned off.

So, this is one of the best ways to save battery on your android phone.

  1. Adjust the brightness level

The brightness level affects the overall battery span of your phone. As you use the phone in the higher brightness level, your battery might get drained fast.

By default, the system sets a higher level of brightness. So, manage the brightness according to your choice and save your battery.

You can decrease the brightness level by dragging down the notification bar and changing the brightness. Also, you can go to Settings>Display>Brightness and then change the brightness as per your demand.

  1. Hide all notifications

Turning off all the notifications can also save battery life as it reduces the screen time. Go to the settings, and turn off all the notifications that you don’t need.

If it is not important to get notified about the performance and the notifications of certain apps, it is recommended for you to turn off all the notifications. With this, you can save the battery life of your android phone.

  1. Turn off the location service

The use of location services also plays a vital role in managing the battery life of your android phone. You can turn off the location services when you do not need it.

Location services chip requires a high battery life. So, you need to make sure that you turn it off when you do not need it. It also closes the background apps that require notifications like; Google Maps.

If you do not want to turn off your location service option, you can also go to the Settings>Connections>Location>Locating method and select the battery saving option.

This will be one of the best ways to save the battery of your android phone.

  1. Turn off sound and vibration

In order to save your battery, you can also turn off your vibration and sound. As you turn off the vibration and sound, it helps you to reduce your battery usage to some extent.

In case you have a very active group chat, or if you receive a lot of notification from your subscriptions, it is always good for you to turn off the sound and vibration for such apps.

Even if you turn off the sound and vibration, you can see the notifications through message previews or banners. Go to Settings>Sounds>Vibration and then turn it off.

  1. Limit apps that are running in the background.

Most of the applications remain active even if you exit them. So, your battery gets drained easily. In order to control the drainage of battery because of apps running in the background, go to the Settings > Apps & Notifications > and go to the specific app’s age.

There you can tap on the Advanced option and then go to the Battery > Background restriction. As you do this, your background apps get restricted.

In this way, you can save your battery drainage somehow. Close the unused apps as soon as you exit from the apps as well.

  1. Organize your home screen

One of the most important things that affect your battery life is the organization of your home screen. A perfectly managed home screen saves your battery life.

However, the cluttered screen drains away from your battery as you load it with tons of apps as well as widgets. You need to make sure that you keep your home screen as minimal as possible.

Also, do not choose to live wallpapers and only keep the apps that are essential on the home screen. You can also try a completely black wallpaper as it helps to save the battery.

  1. Disable Google Assistant

If you want to increase the battery time of your phone, you can disable the Google Assistant too. The Google Assistant features require your phone to use a lot of energy.

As it listens to your command and gets connected to your location, it can charge you a lot of battery. Go to the Google app and then hit on the More tab.

From there, move to Settings and go to the Google Assistant header and choose the Settings again. There, you will get an option to turn the assistant off.

  1. Switch to the dark mode

The dark mode can help you to make your battery last longer. However, switching to the dark mode completely depends on the phone you have.

If you have an LED-based screen, then your device shows black by turning off the LED as you go to the dark mode. This helps you to save power and saves battery.

However, if you have an LCD based screen, your screen will not change its color. However, it can help you to save the battery.

  1. Check the connectivity

It is not essential for your phone to get connected to Wi-Fi everywhere if you are not using it. When your phone is not in use and does not require Wi-Fi connection, you can turn off the connectivity.

As the connectivity drains the battery, you need to switch off the automatic connection option from your settings. You can turn of the Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth as well as Mobile data as well.

In case you are not using the connectivity options, it is always good to turn them off. You can turn off the airplane mode as well.

This mode turns off all the options by itself and takes you to the battery saving mode. With this feature, your phone will have a longer battery time than usual.

Final Say

Get used to saving your battery by following the simple steps. Use your phone according to the demand and make sure you close the unused apps.

Also, get disconnected from the connections if it is not essential. Switch to the dark mode and protect both your eyes and the battery health of your android phone.

Also, view the battery saving mode and turn it off. Although saving battery is easy, most people do not know about the proper ways to use it.

Hence, saving battery on your phone can be a tough task sometimes. At times when you forget your charger at a place or need to go to a place without the facility of charging, it is best if you adopt some ways to save your battery life.

The above-mentioned ways are some of the easy ways that you can adopt in order to save the battery life of your phone. Use these easy ways and save the battery life of your android phone.

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