How to Make an Old Smartphone as a Free Security Camera

How to Make an Old Smartphone as a Free Security Camera

It’s not always necessary to spend money on a security camera if you have an old smartphone in your home. You can use your old smartphone as a security camera when you need a camera and also have an old smartphone in stock. Instead of selling the smartphone, it can be used as a security camera.

In recent years, smartphones have a great camera quality feature. Hence, it is great to use them as a security camera.

It feels great to use the smartphone as it can offer a great battery life and even more memory capacity in comparision with the cameras.

Step 1: Choose the Best application

At first, all you need to convert your old smartphone into a security camera is the right application. There are many applications available in the market that can provide you a great camera features to your smartphone.

The applications are available in both the premium and the free version as well. The users can choose any application to convert the smartphone into the security camera as per their wish.

However, the users need to be picky as all the applications might not produce the same results.

The basic requirements that the users might need before they convert their smartphone as a security camera is:

  1. An android or an ios Phone
  2. A wifi connection or a 4G connection in the old smartphone
  • A power bank or a power source in order to make sure that the smartphone does not run out of battery
  1. In order to ensure the best privacy, it is good to have a spare Google account to use it for the purpose of turning your smartphone into a camera.

All you need to do is download the desired app. The setup for different apps is different. So, the users need to learn the basics of the setup.

The users might also need to sign in with Google or the Apple account. As they download the app on their spare phone and the phone that they are using right now, they should log in with the same ID.

The application has certain features like; viewer. In order to enjoy the viewing mode, the users need to use the Viewer option and use the ‘I use this device as’ option correctly on both of their phones. The image quality depends on the smartphone that you use.

With all the easy setup, now the users can be able to use their smartphone as a camera to stream their home lives.

To help the users to enjoy this aspect, android and ios have come with many apps. Some of the major applications that are serving to provide the users with the best experience to convert their old smartphone as a free security camera are given below:

AtHome Camera

When it comes to the right application for using your old smartphone as a free security camera, you can use the AtHome Camera application.

This application comes with great features that allow users to use the features of a security camera. The useful features of this application are; two-way talk options, AI learning, and night vision. Also, the users can find a mode that allows them to give a 24 hour time-lapse.

Hence, it is easy to create a time-lapse of everything that the camera has recorded in the last 24 hours. As you use the camera for security purposes and you have something suspicious, you can find it by using this camera. In case your phone as the right sensor, it can also allow filming if it detects any kind of vibrations.

This application comes with two versions. One version is used in the phone and acts as a camera while the other is used for the phone controls.

So, the users need to make sure that they download the right version before they start using the application.

  1. Dormi
  2. Manything

One of the popular applications that you can choose to convert your iPhone to a security camera is the Manything application. You can install this application on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

You need a secondary Ios device in order to view the activities and as a second monitor to keep an eye on the application.

The application can work more than a security camera as well. As it helps to detect monition, it can be used for other purposes as well. All you need is a wifi connection, and you can enjoy the facilities that the application can offer.


Another best application that can help you use your smartphone as a security camera is Alferd. It is the best security camera application that you can pick and install on your phone.

The application should be installed on two phones. One phone should be your old smartphone in which you will be using the phone as a camera. The next should be installed on your phone in which you need to control the settings of your camera and view the footage.

This application also offers a siren feature, two-way talking, low-light feature, and motion detection. Also, you can add trusted contacts in the trust circle. This feature will allow your friends in the trusted contacts to access the camera when it is necessary.

It can be used to monitor the activities of the whole house. You can purchase the premium version of the application or download the free version as well.

Cloud Baby Monitor

The Cloud Baby Monitor is one of the best apps that you can choose while you plan to convert your old smartphone into a free security camera.

As this app can help you with your camera routine by offering you a high-quality video, it gives you the feeling that your smartphone is working as a HD camera.

The application is incredibly versatile and can function both as a baby monitor and a security camera. This application can alert the users about the noises or the motion too.

As the application is popular among the people who use it as a baby monitor, the application also has the feature to play a lullaby.

Also, it can play white light for proper sleep. With it, the users can talk to their baby remotely too. The compatibility with the apple watch has made it great as the users can get the noise alerts and motion on their wrist.

It is compatible with Mac too. Hence, it is one of the most popular ioS applications that can change your life and can turn your old smartphone into a free security camera.

STEP 2: Choose the correct spot and position for your camera 

After you choose a right application for your smartphone, you need to make sure that you find a correct position for your camera as well. Your smartphone should be kept in a correct position if you want to use it as a security camera.

Sometimes, you might need to camouflage it as well. Choose the correct spot whether you want the camera for your entrance, backyard, living room, or the garden. The users can also use an IP camera as a baby monitor too. In case you have multiple smartphones that are not in use, you can use all of them as well.

 STEP 3: Mount and Power your smartphone

It is great to add some wide-angle lens to your smartphone to get wide coverage. The lens can be cheap, as well. Choose any of the cheap lenses you want to make your video streaming more intensive. Also, make sure that you have an appropriate power supply too.


Hence, it is not difficult to set up your smartphone as a security camera. However, sometimes the task can be really hectic and can give you a lot of trouble. Before you try using your smartphone as a security camera, make the planning well.

Choose the right application as some applications do not have a good video quality, and your overall process might not be successful later. So, the best thing you can do is decide on the right application. After that, collect all the necessary requirements, including a good quality lens and also a great quality backup power supply too.

Now you no longer need to worry on buying a new security camera for your home if you have old smartphones lying somewhere in your house. All you need to do is plan wisely and make a great setup.

We wish you luck in changing your old smartphone as a free security camera. If you have any queries, you can comment in the comment section below.

Also, comment about which application worked the best for you and which application you are using on your smartphone.

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