How to Check Laptop Battery Health in Windows 10
How to Check Laptop Battery Health

How to Check Laptop Battery Health in Windows 10

The battery is an important aspect of any electronic device. The users need to be very careful as they deal with the battery health of the computer. You need to make sure you adopt better battery health measures to make your PC durable.

Here are some of the applications that help you to monitor and check the battery health of your laptop in Windows 10. Choose any of these apps and get a detailed report of your battery health.

  1. Battery Report 

One of the essential tools that you can find in order to check the battery health of Windows 10 is the Battery Report tool. This tool allows you to check the battery report of your laptop.

In order to generate a report for your batter in Windows 10, you need to go through the following steps.


i) Press the Windows + X key, which takes you to the Win + X menu. Then, choose the Command Prompt option. Open the Command Prompt as administrator.

ii) As the Command prompt opens, enter ‘powercfg/batteryreport’ command. Run the command.

This will drive you to a HTML fire, and you can see the basic information about your system in the HTML file. This report will help you see the name of your computer, the name of your batter, serial number, and the chemistry type too.

It also helps you to view your BIOS version and the computer name too. With it, you will also get to view the full charge capacity, the design capacity, and the cycle count of your battery system.

As the battery loses its span with time, there are essential components that you need to take care of. Cycle counts tell you about how many times your battery was completely drained and recharged.

This report also allows you to see the recent statics of your battery usage. It helps you to see the battery usage in the last three days as well.

Also, you can see the time your active was active and how much battery got drained along with the percentage and mWh.

With the detailed information of the battery usage, you can easily know the battery health of your computer. The battery capacity option allows you to see the capacity of your fully charged battery and how it has changed over time.

Hence, a battery report is an essential feature that you require in order to check the battery health of your laptop.

  1. Battery Care

Battery Care falls under the top applications that help the user to check the battery health of their laptop or computer. You can find the application in the bottom right corner of your windows.

All you need to do is hover your mouse to the icon, and you can view some basic battery information with it. The battery care has the feature to view the information of the temperature of your CPU or also your hard drive too.

It allows you to switch between the power modes. All you need to do is click on the appropriate mode. The essential feature of Battery care is that it allows the users to see the current battery capacity, the remaining battery time, along with the battery status.

Along with it, the users can also view the designed capacity, total capacity, and current capacity of the battery, including the battery model, too, when required.

You can also get information on the discharge cycle as it has an algorithm that can detect it. As the system provides a notification after reaching a particular number of cycles, it is one of the best applications that you can use to know your battery health.

It also offers information such as wear level of your battery, the discharge and charge rate along with the tension. This application also helps you to switch between the automatic power plans too.

The plans depend on the power source. The benefit of the application is that it does not interfere with your system as it uses only 0.1% of your system. It is one of the best applications that can help you monitor your battery health in Windows 10.

  1. Battery Eater

Another great software that you can find to check the battery health of your laptop is the Battery Eater. It is free software that allows users to view their battery health in Windows 10.

Battery Eater is a small and portable application. Hence, it can work with any type of PC. This app shows the information of the battery and the battery health of your PC.

You can benchmark your batter as per your need intro four different needs. It allows the users to view the basic user information along with battery health too.

You can check the battery health of your system with ease as you use this device. In case of need, the users can also generate a battery charging graph.

This application does not have any advanced options. However, it is one of the best applications that you can choose to check your battery health as it is great for simple users.

  1. BatteryMon

BatteryMon is a perfect application that allows you to monitor the battery health of your laptop. It allows you to check the battery health of your laptop, considering the important aspects of the battery.

This app helps you to see the charge and the discharge rate of your battery in a graph. Also, it provides you a detailed statistics of your system so that you can compare and measure the battery performance along with the discharge rate and monitor your battery health.

It allows you to diagnose the problems in your battery easily. The critical discharges of the battery can also be viewed easily with the help of this app.

The application has the feature to support multiple battery packs. Hence, you can check the status of each available batter easily.

Also, you can create a battery log that allows you to view the report of your battery in detail. The tool also has the provision to help you see the device name, serial name, manufacturer, and Unique ID of your battery.

It has a mini window mode that helps you to view the charge and the estimated running time of the battery. This software is completely free for personal use.

  1. Smarter Battery 

Here you have another great app to monitor the battery health of your PC, Smarter Battery. It is one of the perfect choices for users willing to monitor the battery health of their laptops.

As the application has a easy-to-use interface and has attractive features, it is one of the most used battery applications. It can detect upto four batteries, which makes it more than enough for the users.

With this application, you can see the charge percent of your battery in the current time, along with the remaining battery time.

Also, you can view the information of your battery life, the full charge capacity, the designed capacity, the battery mode, or the number of cycles. You can also get the information about the current capacity in mWh.

Moreover, you can check the alert values and charge rate of your batter too. It also has a system of providing graphs to the users that helps the users to monitor battery status in a better way.

The application also has provisions for changing the battery plan and brightness from the Taskbar settings as well. However, this application is not free, and you need to pay some charge to get the application. But, you can download the free version of the app or use the demo version free of cost.

  1. Battery Optimizer

Battery Optimizer is one of the great applications when it comes to monitoring the battery health of your laptop. It helps you to extend your battery life as it helps the users to generate a report of the battery performance.

Also, this application has advanced support options that provide supports for warnings. It gives you a push notification when your battery reaches a critical level.

It can also help you to switch between the power modes. As the application monitors you with the battery usage and the statistics of charge, it helps you to go for better battery options. The simple to use interface and the free service has made it very popular.


Hence, it is very important to know how well your laptop or your computer is performing in case you want the durability of your system.

The applications mentioned above can help you monitor the performance of your battery and take appropriate measures when it comes to saving the battery life of your system.

Make sure you choose one of these applications and select an appropriate power mode so that you can work without the problem of battery drainage with your system.

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