How to Charge the Nintendo Switch Controller?

How to Charge the Nintendo Switch Controller?

Using the Nintendo Switch Controller can sometimes be hectic as they can run out of battery. Sometimes, it might be really hectic and can ruin your gaming session as the charge might dropdown.

As there is nothing worse than seeing your battery go down and viewing the battery-low warning on your screen while you are playing, you need to make sure that the controller is charged beforehand.

To make the players easy and to make their gaming experience a good one, the Nintendo Switch controllers has come with options for the users to charge their device. There are several techniques that can help you charge the controller.

Do not worry about charging your controller beforehand. You can also enjoy the gaming experience while you are playing too.

Here are some of the popular ways which might help you charging your controller. Have a look at the charging techniques.

Charging Nintendo Switch Controller when not playing 

It is always better to charge the Nintendo Switch controller when not playing. While you are not using the controller, the power absorption can be high, and the charging rate can increase.

While not playing the controller, there are different ways that you can charge it. Few major ways to charge your Nintendo Switch Controller while you are not playing it are given below.

Option 1: Use the Switch itself 

The most important way to charge the Nintendo Switch controller is by charging the switch itself. As you put the switch on and attach the controllers to either side of the console, the switch starts getting charged after they get clicked.

The users will also see a notification on the screen that the console and the controllers are connected. After that, the users need to make sure that the switch’s dock or the AC adapter of the switch is connected to a power outlet.

All you need to do is connect the plug of the adapter to the USB-C port. The port should be connected from the place of the switch in the dock or the bottom of the switch.

Then, the users need to put the Nintendo Switch into a sleep mode by clicking the power button on the top. If the switch is turned off completely, the controllers do not get charged.

The dock of the switch should be connected to a power supply. It takes around 3.5 hours for the switch controller to get fully charged.

Option 2: Use a charging dock 

The users can also choose the charging dock itself if they want to charge the Nintendo Switch controller. The charging process is simple, and the users do not need to leave the switch on in these processes.

All they need to do is plug the cable into the USB port located on the dock of the switch. Then, they need to place the four controllers into the deck and make sure that the lights on the top of it are red. Wait for the light to change its color. As the lights turn green, the controllers get fully charged.

Charging Nintendo Switch Controller when playing 

To make the gaming experience better, the users can also charge the switch controller while they are playing. As the users charge the controller while they are playing, it won’t disturb their gaming experience.

You can adopt various techniques to charge the controller while you are playing. Some of the major ways to charge your Nintendo Switch Controller while you are playing are given below:

Option 1: Using the charging grip 

Using the charging grip is one of the most popular ways of charging your Nintendo Switch controller. In case the users want to play with the switch controller while they are using it, the best way to do it is to but a charging grip.

The shape of the charging grip is identical to that of the Nintendo Switch Controller. However, it can be connected to the dock of the switch.

This enables the switches to get charged while they are still in use. Also, the users can include a cable while they charge the switch controller.

They need to connect the dock of the switch top the charging grip. Then, they will require to open the small slider that is on the top of the charging grip.

At last, inserting the controllers to the group and closing the slider will enable them to charge their controllers while they are still in use. Hence, this is the best way of charging the Nintendo Switch controller while it is not in use and is preferred by many.

Option 2: Play in handheld mode

The Nintendo Switch controller can also be charged when you are not playing with it at all. The users need to take a Nintendo Switch controller and then plug it into a wall.

The cord should reach where you are playing. Plug the USB-C port on the button side of the console. Then, attach the Nintendo Switch controller and start your gaming experience.

You can enjoy gaming as long as your controller is charging. Hence, you do not need to worry about the charge running out and can play with no fear.

Option 3: Use a charging case

The users can also have the option of charging the Nintendo Switch controller with a charging case. The charging case is easily available in the market and is preferred by many users.

One of the most popular charging cases is the S-charge case that has its own battery backup, which is similar to the portable USB chargers. It can allow the users to charge the switch and the controllers both. When the users use the charged charging case, it can be used to charge the switch.

The users need to plug the dock of the switch and then press the power button on the left side of the controller. As they do this, they need to lift up the flap that is on the tip of it.

Attaching the switch with the controllers and then closing the fap will make it easy for the charging process. With this process, the controllers get charged.

To check if the controller is charged or not, go to the home menu of the switch. You can then go to the controller page and check if it is charged or not.

As the charge of the battery case is double of the charge required for the switch, you need to need to worry about running out of battery.

However, make sure that the charging case is turned off. The users can turn the charging case off by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

Charging Using the third-party dock 

The Nintendo Switch controller can also be charged using a third party block. There are many third-party docks like; Nyko Charge Block Pro available in the market that will help you to charge your Nintendo Switch controller.

All you need to do is get ready with your charging block. Insert the charging dongle into the port that is on top of your switch controller.

After that, take the included USB cable and then connect the cable to the included AC adapter. Then, plug the AC adapter into an outlet.

As you finish this process, place the controller into the charge block. The users will see the orange light on the front of the dongle.

When the controller is charging, the light will glow. While it is turned off, the light will also get turned off. Although using the charging controller is not so popular, it is one of the best ways to charge the controller.


Hence, charging the Nintendo Switch controller depends totally on the users. The users might have different options to charge the controllers.

Some users are used to charging the controllers while they are playing while some charge the controllers beforehand and have a good gaming experience later. Also, some of the users prefer to charge the controller using a third-party dock.

You can charge the Nintendo Switch Controller as per your wish. However, you need to look at the charging equipment that you are using in case you want a fast charging experience.

Using cable or the switch can help you monitor your charging time. Monitor the charging time and use the option that suits you the best.

Try all of the techniques used above to charge the Nintendo Switch Controller. Do comment in the comment section below, mentioning which way worked the best for you.


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