Best Mechanical Keyboards for 2020
Best Mechanical Keyboards

Best Mechanical Keyboards for 2020

With the growing use of technology, the technology world has made advancements in many factors. While it comes to computers, computers have evolved from large supercomputers to small laptops and mobile devices.

Likewise, the advancement in technology has also brought changes in the keyboards as well. The classic keyboards are no longer suited for the best performance, and people prefer mechanical or gaming keyboards available in the market to obtain a high-performance rate.

The need for a mechanical keyboard has grown over time, and people prefer keyboards that have low profile modules and have high customization options.

Also, people have started opting for wireless keyboards that provide unique features and come with an eye-catching design. We have shortlisted some of the popular mechanical keyboards that can provide you great performance. Here are a few.

  1. Razer Huntsman Mini 

The Razer Huntsman Mini is a popular keyboard that is preferred by most of the gamers. It is gaining major attention as a mechanical keyboard as it does not have a num pad.

Also, it does not have an f-key row and does not have arrow keys as well. The clean and beautiful design of the keyboard makes it easy to fit in a desk.

However, you can use the functions of the keyboard with the Function layer. As the practical choice for most of the users, you can also get the keyboard in different colors available.

The chassis and the keypad of the keyboard are available in black and white color along with the RGB lighting option. It has a standard layout but also allows custom keypads to be installed.

The USB-C cable found here is removable, and it allows the users to install custom-made cables in case the users want to customize their board.

Also, it has individually stabilized optical switches that have minimal key wobble. The keypads are of high quality with the custom lighting modes.

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  • 100 million keystroke Lifespan
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Detachable USB-C Braided Fiber Cable
  • Hybrid On-board Storage
  • Razer Synapse 3 enables
  • 60% Compact form factor
  • Standard Bottom Row Layout
  • Improved Linear Optical Switches
  1. Logitech Pro X

The popular Logitech Pro X keyboard has a great wireless performance and is one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards available in the market.

It has Bluetooth and a USB Type-A connection, which is powered by Logitech’s Lightspeed technology. It is a responsive keyboard that is affordable. With the tenkeyless version of the keyboard, you can also find options for programmable G keys and a Numpad. You can find three different types of mechanical switches in the keyboard, which are; click, linear, and tactile. However, no matter what the switch is, it has a low profile GL line and has a 2.7 mm travel, which is better in comparison to the traditional 4 mm travel. This means that your keyboard will have a quick actuation while you type and game. As the keyboard does not come with a wrist pad for rest, people find it difficult to use. But, it is one of the most popular mechanical keyboards.

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  • Slim and sturdy build
  • Comfortable low-profile switches
  • Easy switching between Bluetooth or Wireless dongle connection
  • Tactile, Clicky, and linear switches
  • Per-Key RGB
  • 1.8 pounds in weight
  1. Logitech G915 TKL 

Logitech G916 TKL is the most preferred keyboard when it comes to the best mechanical keyboards. As a popular gaming and mechanical keyboard, it has alow-latency wireless connectivity that comes from Logitech, and the mechanical switches are from Kailh.

The impressive combination of Logitech and Kailah makes this keyboard one of the best performing keyboards when it comes to gaming and typing.

It looks super clean as it comes in the compact form. Also, the low profile switches in the keyboard provide the keyboard with tactile, linear, and clicky features.

You can also connect this keyboard to a number of devices using the Bluetooth and the wireless feature that it has. It makes the connection of full-size USB port accessible too.

You can maintain the brightness level of the keyboard as well. The design is soft, thin, and comes with a zero-friction volume roller situated in the upper right corner.

The tenkeyless design of the keyboard supports in volume media controls, and it does not have any macro keys or number pad.

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  • Compact Tenkeyless design
  • Remarkable Battery Life
  • Dedicated Media Controls
  • Connect to Multiple Devices Options
  • Endless Control
  • Lightspeed Wireless
  • Low-profile Mechanical Gaming Switches
  • Light Sync RGB
  • Premium Aluminum top case
  1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Talking about the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard, it is one of the best happening keyboards in the world of gaming. Popular as a mechanical keyboard, this keyboard is what the gamers can’t get enough of.

It has Cherry MX Brown switches, which are liner and tactile and offers lengthy reliable guarantee options. The MX Brown Switches present here provides a 2 mm travel, and the RGB MX Speed switch helps the user to deliver ultra-fast actuation at just 1.2 mm.

The media kips at the top right of this keyboard provide access for forwarding, backward, start and pause commands.

Also, this keyboard has a volume scroll button too. It also has six programmable macro keys available on the left-hand side.

Hence, this keyboard is one of the best mechanical keyboards that you can purchase at an affordable price.

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  • Superb Build Quality
  • Extra sets of Keycaps
  • USB Pass-through
  • Dedicated Media Controls
  • Detachable Magnetic Wrist Rest
  • 16.8 million color RGB
  • Cherry MX Speed, Brown Switch
  • Full size available
  1. Ducky One 2 RGB TKL

One of the major choices for best mechanical Keyboards for 2020 is the Ducky One 2 RGB TKL. It has one of the smoothest Cheery Stabilizers.

As you hit the spacebar between every word, it creates a great comfort in typing. The keycaps are also good, and they have a stock board.

This keyboard comes with PBT plastic keycaps which have double-shot legends. Because of these qualities, they are one of the most durable keypads available in the market.

The print in the keypads will last for years and won’t fade away easily. It also has an extra set of colorful keycaps for space, control keys, and Escape.

The keyboard is encased in a plastic chassis and has a metal case at the frontal part. This keyboard Is available at affordable prices and can provide you great performance. For the fans of bright light, you can choose this keyboard as it comes with will RGB features.

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  • Silky Stabilizers
  • High-quality Keycaps
  • Affordable Price
  • Cheery MX Black, Red, White, Silver, and Blue Switch
  • TKL Size
  • RGB Backlights
  • No Media Controls
  • No Pass-through
  • No Wrist Rest
  1. Das Keyboard 4 Professional 

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional is a great mechanical keyboard that has outstanding productivity. With this keyboard, you will stay in style and have down-to-earth features.

It has been in the list of best mechanical keyboards for years, and there are reasons behind it. As the look of the keyboard is a professional and flashy keyboard.

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  • Attractive modern design
  • Lots of features
  • Available in full size
  • No backlights
  • Pass-through
  • Dedicated Media controls
  • Cheery MX Blue, Brown Switch
  1. Fujitsu Realforce R2 RGB

The Fujitsu Realforce R2 RGB is a popular keyboard that represents one of the best typing around the world. It is revered by ardent keyboard fans and has the ultimate typing speed.

This best mechanical keyboard for gamers is preferred by the gamers and typists as it has the Realforce R2 RGB that toggles between 1.5 mm, 2mm, and 3 mm actuation distances.

It helps for fast typing and fast gaming. Also, it has a reserved key. With the RGB backlights, it also has excellent ABS keycaps along with double-shot legends.

You can purchase this keyboard under $200 and above $250 according to its features. Hence, it is one of the most preferred mechanical keyboards available in the market.

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  • Media Control
  • Adjustable actuation Point
  • Smooth as butter Topre Switches
  • Size available in TKL of Full
  • RGB Backlights
  • Dedicated Volume Keys
  • No pass-through


Therefore, for gamers and professional computer users, it is always good to use the best types of mechanical keyboards available in the market.

These keyboards do not only affect your productivity and the turnover rate only. They also have a significant impact on the ergonomics as well.

You can choose one among the best mechanical keyboards for 2020 from the list above and enjoy the keyboard that you want. Select the design and the features that you want for your keyboard. Good luck with it.

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